Dog sitting on chair at Scandanavian Designs retail store.

Visual identity & website design

Scandinavian Designs


If you lived in Southern California you knew them as “Plummers,” Chicago and Colorado as “Dania,” and Northern California as “Scandinavian Designs.” All regionally beloved brands, but difficult to manage and convey a singular voice when three names are in play. Gilmour Craves helped Interline, the parent company, determine which brand had the most equity. Online customer surveys showed that Scandinavian Designs represented the future and clearly paid homage to their Scandinavian heritage. Brand consolidation required a re-launch of the Scandinavian Designs brand in all markets. Working closely with the Interline in-house marketing team, Gilmour Craves helped redesign the logo and brand standards. Resulting brand expressions included; storefront signage, catalog website, print catalog templates, email templates, and in-store signage.


For fifty years, the core values of the Scandinavian Designs brand have centered on design, quality, and value. Gilmour Craves helped clarify the company’s vision through a top-down branding effort that included brand strategy, and a comprehensive brand guideline that addresses all internal and consumer touchpoints.
  • Visual identity refresh

  • Brand standards

  • Website architecture

  • Website UI/UX design

  • Display advertising

  • Broadcast advertising

Scandanavian Designs logo.
Scandanavian Designs brand typography, Proxima Nova font family.
Scandanavian Designs brand color palette.
Lifestyle Photography
Scandanavian Designs brand lifestyle photography of white dog laying on white couch.
Lifestyle Photography
Scandanavian Designs brand lifestyle photography of man siting on green couch.
Environmental Photography
Scandanavian Designs brand environmental photography of orange outdoor dining set.
Silhouette photography
Scandanavian Designs brand silhouette photography style of furniture on white background.

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