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Imply provides enterprise-level support for Apache Druid, an open-source, real-time database designed to power complex analytic applications (think Netflix). We were approached by Imply to update their brand identity and to re-skin their website with a new look and feel. The project required that we simultaneously re-define the Imply brand identity and complete a ground-up website build that credibly invites seasoned developers (as well as non-developers) to engage their services. Adding to the challenge was the client’s desire to create efficiencies by developing the website entirely from re-usable content modules – empowering the marketing team to easily create and manage pages.


The Gilmour Craves team immersed itself into the world of analytics, sub-second queries, and concurrencies to deliver a dynamic new brand look that is both unique and developer friendly. The Imply website proved a bigger challenge – while conducting a site-wide audit, it became clear to the executive, product, and marketing teams that it was time to completely re-tool the website. Updates included an all new site architecture, UI/UX, and a wholesale change of marketing content. Our developer team then built a library of re-usable content modules and page templates, allowing for a faster, more efficient site build.

  • Visual identity refresh

  • Website UI/UX design

  • Flexible content field library

  • Motion graphics

  • Diagram design system

Logo Refresh
Mascot Illustration

Brand identity re-fresh:

Developers are a pragmatic bunch–they don't like extra frills or excessive marketing. The Imply brand re-fresh embodies this pragmatism by going light on heavy graphics and getting straight to the heart of the Imply product offerings.
Imply desktop homepage
Gilmour Craves helped Imply successfully navigate a complex brand identity re-fresh and website design. Working directly with the Imply marketing and product teams, Gilmour Craves’ dedicated account management, designers, and developers delivered impactful results on time and on budget.”
Praveen Rangnath, Chief Marketing Officer, Imply

Re-usable content modules:

A library of re-usable content modules allows for a faster, more efficient site-build and empowers marketing teams to easily create and manage pages.

Build new pages – fast:

Pages come together quickly with our re-usable content modules, but not every scenario can be anticipated. If developed with care, custom sites can easily accommodate unique designs and content needs.

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