It’s all about the process

Gilmour Craves excels at strengthening brand identities. We clarify, articulate and express our clients’ stories, values, culture, and vision. We convert abstract concepts to tangible assets unified by a cohesive and manageable brand strategy. The results: A differentiated and elevated brand with a strong foundation for growth.

Taking a hard look

Assessing the current scenario and understanding a company’s history is the first step in building a brand.

Target Audience Audit

Virtually all organizations exist for their target audience. Their purpose may be more far reaching, but realization of their potential is viewed by how well they satisfy the needs of their primary constituents.

Management Audit

It is critical that management and staff embrace your brand. This works well when you create a natural extension of your company culture. Keeping the decision makers engaged is of paramount importance to success.

Competitive Audit

Insights into the competitive landscape are an essential early step in the brand building process. The purpose is to be proactive and not reactive. Look to your strengths to determine your market position.

What we discover

Learning how a brand is perceived, and if it’s delivering on its brand promise, gives us needed insight to create a new direction.


How does a company establish stronger relationships with current clients and build new bonds with prospective clients by uncovering and satisfying their needs?


How does it support the brand promise within the target audience and the public at large? What can be stated to ensure there is a clear acceptance of the brand?


How will a company define itself in the competitive arena and show the unique value of the brand?


How can it extend this new vision to the marketplace and demonstrate the brand promise

A strong platform

The core elements of any brand must be generated by the company’s belief system to convey an air of authenticity.

The Brand Roadmap

To leverage one’s strengths and transform on weaknesses are the first steps to take to inspire a new vision.

What Does Your Brand Platform do?

Build on your common beliefs to create the “DNA” that guides consistency across your brand. Your company voice needs to emerge to build trust and loyalty.

Your Brand Platform

This foundational document clarifies your belief system for the people inside your organization and supports your public persona.

Defining Your Platform

Your ultimate message must resonate with your target market, while it gives you space to evolve and grow as your markets transform.

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