Event design & standards

Autodesk One Team Conference


Autodesk OTC is one of the tech world’s largest sales events. Over 4,000 attendees descend on Las Vegas Nevada each spring to learn about new sales initiatives for the coming year. The presentation of OTC is logistically complex and requires an overall visual identity and related guidelines. Applications include staging, email communication, online advertising, website support, e-pubs for event programs, and directional signage systems. Once the show concludes in Las Vegas, it continues throughout the year to multiple locations nationally, and internationally.


2020 marks the eighth year Gilmour Craves has helped develop the OTC identity and brand guidelines. Comprehensive guideline development has improved the consistency of the design standards as OTC moves from one location to the next. Direct access and close collaboration with the Autodesk brand and event teams makes for streamlined design and review processes. Year-end program reviews with APAC and EMEA stakeholders allows the team to build on our success and continually improve. Video below is provided by Tencue.

  • Event identity

  • Event brand guidelines

  • Digital & print production

  • Microsite development

  • Photography art direction

  • Application icon development

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